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What is Yoga?

Yoga comes from the root yuj which means "to link, to unite" in Sanskrit. It is an empirical science, rooted in experience and practice, that comes to us from ancestral India. Many "yogas" exist including Hatha Yoga , the best known, with its system of postures (asanas), breathing exercises, purification techniques etc.


In Hatha Yoga, the starting point is the physical body and its energies. But beyond the physical form, the practice acts upon all other aspects of our being, holistically: the psychological, the emotional, the mental etc. Thus, by practicing Hatha Yoga, we explore our different inner domains, cultivating more awareness, connection and harmony.


Hatha Yoga is far from being a simple gymnastics through which we develop strength and flexibility. It is simultaneously a science, a discipline and a philosophy filled with wisdom which aims at the discovery and knowledge of the self.

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- Hatha Yoga Class -

During the classes, I will guide you through the practice so that you can learn new asanas (postures) and experience them deeply and at your own pace, gradually. The practice will awaken the body, and bring release at the same time, including elements of stretching, movement and flow.


We learn with the practice to cultivate fundamental qualities: presence and open attention. This approach is accessible to every-body, regardless of your level. You will also discover and familiarise yourself with the energetic dimension of yoga through the knowledge of chakras, these energy centres that are activated by different postures.


My Hatha Yoga classes unfold in three stages:

  • Warm-up phase: to wake up and prepare the body 

  • Asana practice: postures taken from the Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga traditions mainly, using props to feel comfortable in each position, and assist us to go deeper

  • Guided final relaxation


Through my guidance, you will tune into your rhythm, using your breath to support your practice, and internalising, building awareness of your body, as well as resilience, strength, mental focus. It develops in us an attitude of openness, presence and joy.

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- Aerial Yoga Class -
For Beginners


Aerial Yoga is a particularly fun and light practice, and yet includes all the components of Yoga in terms of releasing, stretching, strengthening and energising the body. It is not a difficult practice, as many seem to think, and can in some ways be actually more accessible than regular yoga as the silks used for suspension act as props supporting us to enter various postures sometimes more easily!

There is no need to have done lots of Yoga prior! I will take you step by step on this journey of discovering the joys of Aerial Yoga, in a safe and encouraging environment.

The Yoga silk brings movement and fluidity to the practice, and can help us to relax and let go more in postures. They also allow us to be more creative and spontaneous

In this beginners class we will explore:

  • Gentle movement to open up the body, bring fluidity and warm up the joints

  • Strengthening core exercises

  • Stretching postures, supported by the silks

  • Wonderful "Flying postures", off the mat, easier than you think!

  • Inversions made easy! without compression of the spine, these inversions are very beneficial and feel incredible!

This practice helps to develop more flexibility, balance, strength, body awareness and confidence.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

 - Rumi -

Hatha Yoga
Aerial Yoga
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