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Explore the beauty

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and deepen Awareness,


Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness 






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Who am I?

My name is Deborah, I am a French-British yoga and meditation teacher who lives in the beautiful Austrian Ausseerland countryside between lakes and mountains...


Yoga and Meditation have had such a profound impact on my lifepropulsion me on a beautiful journey of self-discovery, helping me to reconnect with myself and  open to the world in whole fresh new ways. They offer well-used maps to explore the depths of our being.

My aim is to make you fall in love with  Yoga and Meditation the way I have, by sharing their deeply embodied teachings and practices that help bring more alignment, centeredness, and peace into our lives, but also more fullness and openness. 

I invite you to embark on this exploration with me which is certainly one of the most beautiful, most fascinating and most natural of all: exploring who we are.

  Current Schedule 
- Bad Aussee -

Tuesday in

Bad Aussee


 Meditation & Breathwork



Go deeper into the practice, and learn techniques for your mind


Combine your Yoga practice with this session to enter further into the richness and depths of Yogic wisdom, learning how to calm the mind, and exploring together various breathwork (pranayama) and meditation techniques and their origins.

(Beginners Welcome)


Tuesday in

Bad Aussee


Hatha Yoga



Stretch, release and nurture

Explore the richness of Hatha Yoga helping to stretch, release tension and replenish the body's energy while calming the mind, using movement, flows and Yoga postures.

>>> Combine with Meditation and Breathwork session just before!

(Beginners Welcome)


Tuesday in

Bad Aussee


Pregnancy Yoga

for Women



Supporting women in all stages of pregnancy 


This event is a weekly meet-up designed for pregnant women in weeks 1- 38, to practice yoga and exchange on their experience. Yoga can truly help future mums in all three trimesters, bringing them more balance physically, mentally and even emotionally to live in the best way possible this incredible experience and prepare them for the moment of birth.

(Beginners Welcome)

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Thursday in Obertraun


Aerial Yoga

for Beginners



Take your practice higher!


Whether you already do Yoga or not, you will be introduced to the beautiful practice of Aerial Yoga, taking you off the mat with the use of "Yoga silks". This type of Yoga is particularly fun, light, and satisfying, leaving you feeling deeply stretched and rejuvenated! I will teach you all the fundamentals, step by step.

(Beginners Welcome)



Where are the classes taking place?

The classes and events take place in a small cozy yoga studio right in the center of Bad Aussee! Once you register, I will be sending you the details of the location.

What language are the classes in?

The classes are led both in English and in German (with a French accent :-)

What to bring?

All the yoga materials are there, please simply come wearing comfortable clothes!

What about Covid regulations?

The current Covid regulations apply, so please come ready to present proof of vaccination, recovery or a valid test result.

Do I have to register?

Yes! This is a must, as there are only 8 spots in a class or event! And also so I can give you the directions to the studio. 

How to pay?

You can pay in cash at the studio when you come or via Paypal here:



1 Single Time :

- Only Yoga: 15€ (Hatha Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Aerial Yoga)

- Hatha Yoga + Meditation/Breathwork Combo: 20€

5 Times Pass :

- Only Yoga: 12€

- Hatha Yoga + Meditation/Breathwork Combo: 15€



To book:

>>> Text WhatsApp or call: +43 660 78 25 893

>>> Email:

Get on the WhatsApp group for infos and updates!

Class Schedule
Prices & Registration

What is all this love and all this laughter?

It's the joyful sound of a soul waking up.

 -Hafiz -

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Hatha Yoga allows you to reconnect with yourself. The practice that I guide is contemplative, internalised, rooted in tradition and spiritual, posting us towards our essential nature. We hold the postures (the asanas) in order to explore them from inside, and thus develop an intimate knowledge of the body and its energies. Beyond its physical aspect, yoga acts holistically on the entire being, bringing more harmony, dynamism and groundedness.


Through Hatha Yoga, we learn to cultivate an attitude of presence, mindfulness and deep listening at all times.


In all contemplative traditions, meditation is a way of awakening, that sheds light on the fundamental questions of our existence: what is this world? and this life? In meditation, instead of externalising this quest and exploring the world around us, we curve our gaze inward, and wonder at the primary element which is within our reach and accessible, that seems to be so tangible and undeniable: the Self. This being that we are, endowed with consciousness. 


Therefore, meditation takes us on an inner journey, and initiates us in a very intimate and personal process that cannot be anything else than unique for each one of us, as it stems directly  from one's practice and experience.

  Private Classes 

I give private classes in English or French (some German is possible :-) in the Ausseerland region (Altaussee, Bad Aussee, Grundlsee, Bad Mittendorf) and beyond.

Before our first session we will discuss what your goals and needs are and will determine what would be the best personalised program for you. 

If you would like to book a class, or simply chat about the possibilities, please contact me! All questions ad requests are welcome.

  Journal of a Yogini  
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Every second was an incredible discovery.

The calm, smile, conciseness, and ease of expression and explanation of Deborah made the moment magical. Please don't change anything !


I sincerely appreciate her method because it is inspired by different philosophies and spiritual currents around the world and it invites us to tolerance and respect for each practice. Deborah is patient, educator and passionate. I am really happy to be able to be initiated into meditation by this person with a big HEART.


This experience was extremely enriching and allowed me to bring more meaning to my practice of yoga and meditation. I now have precious tools to continue this practice in the best conditions possible, oriented towards the Heart.


Deborah succeeds in conveying such abstract concepts in a simple, practical, and understandable way, and draws her examples from a variety of spiritual currents. Meditation and its teachings are centered around the Heart and I find that it also transmits it simply with its way of being, with grace, benevolence and empathy.




Tel: +43 660 782 5893

Ausseerland, Austria

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